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Purge Gas Processing

Purge Gas Processing - Monomer Recovery Unit (MRU)

Monomer Recovery Unit (MRU)
  The patented Monomer Recovery Unit technology cost-effectively adapts the non-cryogenic, absorption-based AET Process concepts to separate nitrogen from ethylene and other valuable hydrocarbons from polyethylene plant waste streams.  The heavier components present in the waste streams are utilized as the preferred physical solvents; thus no new undesirable components are introduced into the polyethylene process.  The MRU facility is capable of recovering 98+% of the contained ethylene and 99+% of the co-monomers and solvents present in such waste streams. When the AET MRU is used to process reactor waste gases, the polymer process is given a new degree of freedom; the ability to have absolute control over reactor partial pressures without loss of monomer.  The AET MRU provides the following benefits:

  • Recovery of monomer
  • Recovery of co-monomer
  • Control of ethane rate of purge (independent of monomer recovery)
  • Improved control of reactor partial pressures
  • Ability to change produce specifications more quickly and accurately

When the AET MRU is used to process product purge gases essentially all separated products can be either reused in the reactor or burned as a fuel stream without the need for fuel gas make-up, thereby reducing plant emissions.

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