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Hydrogen Recovery

Hydrogen Recovery - Non-Cryogenic Absorption

Hydrogen Recovery Technology
  The patented AET HRU technology utilizes non-cryogenic absorption to separate methane and heavier hydrocarbons from the hydrogen containing gases.  The purified hydrogen leaves the absorber column with minimal pressure drop.  The absorbed methane and heavier hydrocarbons are flashed off from the solvent by reducing the pressure of the absorber bottoms stream.  The separated gases leave as the fuel gas product.  The liquid from the proven heatless flash regeneration step is returned to the top of the methane absorber as lean solvent.  The lean solvent is made up of the heavier components in the feed gas.  Typically, the process will produce a valuable excess solvent stream of recovered C3+ liquid. 

If desired, additional propane plus product can also be produced.  The AET HRU has the unique and valuable ability to recover 95% of hydrogen contained in a feed gas and produce a hydrogen product stream with 95% hydrogen purity.  Locations for use of the technology include use on a hydrogen loop to reduce blowdown and to increase hydrogen partial pressure.  Locating between two units will increase hydrogen partial pressure in the downstream unit.  The process can also be located on the bulk fuel stream or PSA tailgas (after compression).

Saudi Aramco demonstrates the feasibility of the AET hydrogen purification technology covered by U.S. patent numbers 5,462,583, 5,551,972, and 6,698,237 and other pending applications.  The demonstration is explained in Paper No. AM-05-31, Hydrogen Purification in Hydroprocessing (HPH Technology), Yuv R. Mehra and Ali H. Al-Abdulal,  presented at the 103rd NPRA Annual Meeting in March 2005.

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