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About AET Partners, LLC

AET Partners, LLC (the "Company") is a limited liability company, formed by experienced, international energy industry executives with proven track records of success.  The Company's business strategy is to exploit commercially proven, proprietary technology for removal of nitrogen from natural gas and bringing to market energy resources that could not otherwise be produced.

Throughout the world, there are more than one thousand conventional natural gas fields that are considered sub-quality because the natural gas contains more than 4 mol% nitrogen. According to the Gas Technology Institute, approximately 16% (over 24 TCF) of United States proven domestic natural gas reserves falls within this category.  Much of this gas cannot be transported to the markets and sold unless the nitrogen is removed.

The primary focus of the Company's business plan is to install nitrogen rejection units (NRUs) at stranded gas locations throughout the world, and to lease the units to producers or to process their natural gas for a fee. The Company expects to venture with others to commercialize its AET Process technology outside of North America.  Additional opportunities for the Company to leverage this proprietary technology include the following:

  • Application of the Company's technology to coalbed methane production where advanced production techniques involving the injection of nitrogen into the coal seam for stimulation or enhancement require its subsequent removal from the methane produced;
  • Similar commercialization opportunities in oil and gas fields where nitrogen is artificially injected for pressure maintenance or to stimulate production;
  • Application to gas storage operations where nitrogen can be substituted for methane as a cushion gas; and,
  • Acquisition of ownership interests in, and subsequent development of, high nitrogen natural gas reserves, most likely in partnership with independent producers.

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